Friday, January 15, 2010

Winter Garden Update

Today I planted 18 Swiss Chard plants.....I love this stuff!

Also since the last time posting about the Garden, I have had to put down SLUGGO......Im not sure why BUT we have a terrible problem with little black slugs about an inch long and they really got my cabbage and I sprinkled SLUGGO all over I hope this helps...after this BIG rain we are gonna get this next week Im going to put down Diatimatious Earth to ensure they are gone!!!
CHECK OUT THIS Earthworm......he was 4 inches long and as big as round as my pinkie! The biggest worm I have ever seen!!!!!

Here are some PIX updates!


Scurrette said...

worms just creep me out! I know they are good, but golly they look gross!

I'll have to take some pics of my beginning garden too!

June F. said...

I love swiss chard too, probably my favourite thing from the garden. :)