Monday, January 11, 2010

I found out my oldest has a Milk Allergy.....

For months now I have had some concerns and I have been making notes and writing reaactions down to certain things. Well for sure we found out today she has a milk allergy which is totally different than lactose intolerance.....the difference is she is allergic to a protein in the milk...either the caseins, or whey or the curds etc..... which is harder to treat than lactose intolerance.

I found a GREAT website that offers GREAT advise and I have a friend who her kids have the same kinds of allergys so I can pick her brain....but if anyone out there has any advise Iam open to hearing your methods of madness!
Food List to AVOID:

Good Article:

Well this is my findings for the day....whether Im talking to myself or I have a new found friend...thanks for listening!

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