Monday, June 13, 2011

Loving the Sunshine and the gardening time

After 4 years the back yard is looking full, lush and garden chic-ish!

I was so thrilled to see all my fruit trees have decided to bare fruit this year; my Mutsu Apple, Fuji Apple, Italian Prune and my Kim Elberta Peach!!! Every single one is LOADED with fruit, and I can proudly say all organic.

With the Funky Season we have had with El Nina, I fear my veggie garden will not be producing until late poor tomatoe plants still look like seedlings!

And my girls AKA the chickens have scratched up all my carrot and beet seedlings....little stinkers but they are happy and Im happy watching them scratch and look for bugs! Talking about my girls, I had to get rid of one and get a new one, because one went mean on she got taught a lesson and went to a new home where she is at the bottom of the food chain and she got put in her place real quick and we got Splash......a one year old cohchin bantam....she is sooooo cute! See pix below!

Im enjoying my herbs that Im using for tea and cooking, its so fun walking out to the patio and picking some mint for some evening tea!

I promise to have more time to dedicate to blogging as I had a friend help me get set up on Goggle Read and I uploaded all my faves to my Android and I sit at Swim practice and catch up on blog reading so I thought I better write on mine be watching for more blog writing from The Green Mum.! BLESSINGS