Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Need ideas for Christmas Presents or Stocking Stuffers???

Let me help you out! I can make you the perfect gift for your loved ones!
Hats to match:
School Colors
Fave Sports Club ( Football Baseball Teams)

Hats with POM POM's braids tassles

GORGEOUS BRIGHT COLORS, WARM and totally trendy!!!!!

Do you have a SK8'er, surfer, skier or snowboarding in your life......? This is a PERFECT gift for them!

Here is a link to my website:

Adult hats are $16.00 plus S/H
Kids/Tween Hats are 12 plus S/H

ENJOY and I hope I can help you with your needs! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

40 Days till Christmas

40 Days till Christmas and I would love to help you out with your Christmas Shopping! My Acorn Caps are the perfect gift for SK8'ers, Skiers, Surfers, and all winter enthusistists alike!

All Orders are custom crocheted and made out of 100% acrylic yarn. It is super soft yarn in multi colors. The earflap and beanies are made to fit snug and has alot of stretch.

When ordering a Special Orders these are the details I need:
Style of Hat: Beanie, Earflap or Flapper
(if ordering a Earflap I need these details, do you want braids or tassles at the ears)
Top of Hat:
Nothing, POMPOM or braided tassle

Type of Yarn, varigated or solids

Toddler/Infant (ages 0-4)$12.00
Tween (ages 5-12)$12.00
Adult (ages 13-?)$16.00
Shipping and Handling is $2.00
All custom orders will be done in a week and delievered QUICKLY!

My Webiste is: PLEASE email with any questions I would love to make a custom order beanie or earflap hat for you or a loved one!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Come check out my new Etsy Shop

I have been busy as a bee crocheting beanies and earflap hats getting ready for the winter. The shop is full and ready for customers. PLEASE tell your friends and family, if you have a referal I will give you a discount!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The girls are getting BIG!

Well my little Barred Rocks are growing and they are so entertaining!
So lets review, the first PIX is when we were babies and alittle progression onward.....

Remember Peep, Peck and Pepper....... they are now 2.5 months old! About 3-3.5 more months before they are laying! But they are gonna have good eggs...they eat bugs all day long and kitchen scraps and grass! They are healthy lil buggers! And they are so funny at night just before they go in their cage for the night they want some attention and they fly up in the garden fence and sqwack at us in the window so we go out and hold them and feed them little snackers......give alittle rub and off they go in their cage!

I LOVE watching them scratch in the dirt and fight over bugs.....this is a BIGGIE if one found a bug they ALL want it! They are entertaining!

What memories play again and again in your mind???

1.Grandparents scattering of their ashes at Sea and we saw Humpback Whales......I will never forget what an experience that was! And also MILLIONS of Jellyfish. The pictures are TERRIBLE I dont know what happened but I captured it and that is what matters!
My Mom and Uncle Chartered a Boat out off 17th Hole in Pebble Beach ( a special place my Grandparents choose) And while we were having our Service I was looking over the boat and all of the sudden 1000's of Jellyfish were surfacing and I was SHOCKED!
And we scattered the ashes and on the way back to Moss Landing the Captain of the book took us off on an Adventure and took us Whale watching WHAT A TREAT this was!

And sure enough we came upon a pod of whales and we all just sat and watched them, it was AMAZING! And we even got to experience one breach out of the water!

2. The birth of my 2nd child...Emma ( PLEASE dont get me wrong all 3 were amazing, but the first was very difficult and LONG and not as I had wanted and the 3rd was induced and took some time! HE was and is stubborn!
But with Emma I knew I was gonna have my Dr with me this time and I had been naping during waiting to dialate and all of the sudden I woke up and felt something......I called the nurse and she came in and ran back out of the quickly..QUICKLY and in comes my Dr......and says it is time NOW! She is coming, and he laughs and he says to me oh this is gonna be easy her hand is I felt down there and sure shooting it was and he said this will be your easiest birth because you were birth the head and shoulders sideways ........he said push very gently and he says here she comes and her head and whole arm were out and then she just slide out of 9 month home and into my arms! NEVER did I enjoy birth as much as her! And to boot she was my largest 10 pds!

What a beautiful birth and the way every one should go! Easy, simple and beautiful!

What are your favorite memories that keep playing again and again in your mind???

OK this was BAD! ( slap on the wrist)

I forgot my password to get into my BLOG!......DORK!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Im stunned.......

Do you realize what you put in your mouth every single day every single bit? Do you know what your kids eat???? And do you realize what ingredients are in those things you are shoving down your thoat????? Have you read a label lately????

When you start realizing that your child is showing serious signs of something wrong with their baldness, lack of energy, ADHD symtoms or whatever that maybe you as a parent need to step back and ask yourself am I doing everything I can for them?

And that maybe your diet is the problem? That maybe PopTarts and Soda is not the answer?????

Im so blown with the results of my Juicer I have bought and how it has changed my taste buds....and how that everything canned, bagged or store bought tastes like udder CRAP now! And I was never a soda drinker but maybe an occsional one once a month...well now it tastes terrible! And I never thought I would say this but even coffee is tasting bad to me! ( did I say that really)????? ((gasp))

FRESH RAW FOOD....who knew it was so tasty and full of life???? 2 months ago I bought a Breville Juicer got it on sale at Macys for a HELLUVA deal.....

Anywho my Mom got one first and then I tried this connocation of carrots, oranges and was so full of life and my tongue was doing the "happy dance"

I loved it, so now the lady askes me at the check out counter........WOW thats alot of fruits and veggies...I say YES IT IS, we juice all of them! YOu shoudl try it! About 1 month ago I did a fasting of just veggie and fruit juices for 5 days and I lost 10 pds! Currently Im doing 2 meals of juice and one meal of actual food ( vegetarian food!)

It has been a wonderful thing for me, and made me realize HOW TASTY real food can be! SO throw away the ding dongs and pop tarts and give juicing a will be pleasantly surprised!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

No Lili I havent forgotten!

My lovely Queen of AU reminded via email that I havent updated my BLOG! Does my life allow enough for blogging???? I dont know in the meantime for today....

We are getting rid of 10 days of flu and other illness' and Im wiped out! Also this week is open Swim Team for Gabriellle and just add one more thing to my life! Isnt she cute! I adore this PIX!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our Chickens

I wanted to include some of my favorite informative sites that I go back and forth to all the time. I will add to this as my mind clicks in!



Worm Composting

This is Gabrielle and she choose to do Worm composting for a Science Fair Project, we had a BLAST! Worms are so beneficial to any raised garden beds! Our beds are LOADED w/ rich fat wiggly worms!
Fasinating WORM FACTS:
The management and breeding of worms is known as vermiculture
Worms are one of nature's ultimate recyclers
They can live for a long time (15 years or more!)
They have both male and female reproductive organs
Their eggs can survive dry and harsh conditions for long periods of time
They can be bred easily at home or school
They can be used to recycle organic waste from your kitchen into valuable fertilizer
They produce castings which have a neutral pH (around 7)
Their castings increase the amount of nutrient available to your plants by up to 10 times.
Their castings increase crop and pasture yields
They increase the level of essential microbial activity in the soil
They can consume their own body weight in food every day
They double in population every 2-3 months, in ideal conditions

Our Chicken Coop and the Girls

Look at the difference of a couple days to 5 weeks old! They are at the Ugly teenager age right now! But they are sweet! LOVE my chicken coop, I do have a resourseful husband! I painted it Disney colors; Fairy Godmother Blue and Dreams Come True Purple! LOVE IT!!!!!!

Our New Family Members AKA The Girls

Let me introduce you to Peep, Peck and Pepper, they are Barred Rock Hens; Brown Egg layers. And they are now about 5 weeks old. The kids love them, they have been hand held since 2 days old. And when we go out to check on them we call out" Girls" and they start peeping/clucking! So SWEET! My Girlfriend has chicks too and its been a fun family project! She has 13 I only have 3! I thought I better not push it being in the City Limits with chickens.......Shhhh dont tell anyone!
WHY, The Green Mum.......because Im trying to put together a business of selling Organic Body Products and the name of my business is gonna be The Green Mum. Im going to sell Body Butter, Liquid Hand Soap and Shampoo and Conditioner. I will add things later on but start with this! Im doing research right now! But in case you were wondering WHY The Green Mum.....there it is!
All my friends are documenting their life on BLOGS, and I wanted to do the same but w/ a TWIST!
My goal this past year has been trying to make our surroundings as ORGANIC and Environmentally safe for my family as possible. Last year we had a garden that was all organic, this year we doubled the size of the gardening area! We are worm composting, my oldest daughter did a Science Fair Project on worm composting. I will talk on this more later! And our latest adventure in SUSTAINBILIITY is raising our own chickens (hens only) for eggs NOT meat! I will add a section on this as well!
Alittle about me, I'm a SAHM with 3 kids, my Husband works for Wal Mart at a Distrubution Center. We live in Redding, CA but are from Santa Cruz, CA and would go back in a heartbeat if daddy could find a job! WE MISS THE BEACH! I love to garden, cook, photography, surf the net and being with loved ones friends and family!