Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winter Veggie Garden 2010

Im doing alittle project this year, partly as a New Years Resolution and trying to be a better Gardener...and a article in Mother Earth News they asked for people all over the US to log how much produce they can I took the challenge.

January 6th 2010
The kids and I planted Part 1 of the Garden:
18 cabbage plants (2 varietys)
12 brussel Sprouts (2 varietys)
approx 24 Yukon Gold Gourmet Potaotes

I planted late because we have had some really bad snap was 2 weeks of 14 degree weather.

So when we planted we tucked all the plants in hay to help protect them!
Things to come in the Winter Garden:
I wanna try Fennel
Spring Salad Mixes

Today I went to a "How the prune your fruit trees" was good but alittle long and my butt hurt sitting for so long! LOL I was quit dissapointed to learn that my Apple tree I have ( Mutsu) needs another apple tree to help with the pollination process....and I was under the impression that my tree was a self pollinator!!! So I have to do some rearranging and buy a Fuji Apple Tree to help its friend the Mutsu!

Fruit Trees I have:
Mutsu Apple
Kuboda Fig....which I dont like and Im pulling it out and replacing it with a Mission Fig. Kuboda Fig is a white fig with a yellow flesh and has a honey taste.... NO LIKEY!
And I have a French Prune
Im getting a Fuji Apple and a Elberta Kim Peach

I also bought 18 Swiss Chard plants to plant in the garden bed!!! I LOVE SWISS CHARD!

Here is some pictures of January 6th first planting:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

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