Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Handmade Christmas this will be!

I have made an announcement this year....NOTHING will be store bought for Christmas this year, and everything that everyone receives this year will be handmade by me or a friend of the handmade World!

I'm on a mission of sorts to promote handmade and the crafter's who create them! A girlfriend of mine in Australia has been doing this for some time now and I love seeing the creations she comes up with. And her family is in love with her ideas and gifts. So I thought to myself I'm going to do this too and promote HANDMADE for Christmas!

WHY, you ask? For one I feel the USA needs to fall back on its own creativity and not that of China's for gifts. Also it is helping those who are trying to make a living off of their crafted goods. And lastly there is so much love and time that goes into ones goods and they are special and what better way to tell your loved ones....I love you and I'm passing on someone elses love to you.

YES it may not have all the sparkles and bells and whistles that China can give you but oh the JOY to open something special that someone else made and love went into that item.... TENDER LOVING CARE! Crap from China has no love in it just sweat from children who should be out playing and enjoying life and poisoned plastics and lead of which will be recalled in 6 months! SERIOUSLY!!!!

In our house, we are Little House on the Prairie FANATICS.....and I think back to the first Season and it was their first winter on Plum Creek and they didn't have money for gifts so everyone joined forces, worked hard and made something special for everyone......Pa made Laura a saddle for her horse, Ma made Pa a new plaid shirt, Laura made Pa a beautiful knitted scarf. The JOY they all felt and pride of giving handmade gifts it was a special day for them and I want my Christmas to be special for my family as well!

So I challenge you, do you think you could do a HANDMADE Christmas? Would your kids be upset with NO bells and whistles, NO sparkles and spinning princess'? Open your mind to the possibility of HANDMADE and surprise them with a gift from the heart NOT CHINA! Go to the Thrift Store and re purpose something, RECYCLE an oldy to a new re purposed piece of furniture, picture frame. THINK OUT OF THE BOX, open yourself to new ideas, pick up a magazine and let your creative juices start to flow! HAVE FUN and make it a HANDMADE CHRISTMAS!

And if you need help with ideas just email me I have a thousand leads to beautiful people with loving hearts and handmade goods!