Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Im stunned.......

Do you realize what you put in your mouth every single day every single bit? Do you know what your kids eat???? And do you realize what ingredients are in those things you are shoving down your thoat????? Have you read a label lately????

When you start realizing that your child is showing serious signs of something wrong with their health...like baldness, lack of energy, ADHD symtoms or whatever that maybe you as a parent need to step back and ask yourself am I doing everything I can for them?

And that maybe your diet is the problem? That maybe PopTarts and Soda is not the answer?????

Im so blown with the results of my Juicer I have bought and how it has changed my taste buds....and how that everything canned, bagged or store bought tastes like udder CRAP now! And I was never a soda drinker but maybe an occsional one once a month...well now it tastes terrible! And I never thought I would say this but even coffee is tasting bad to me! ( did I say that really)????? ((gasp))

FRESH RAW FOOD....who knew it was so tasty and full of life???? 2 months ago I bought a Breville Juicer got it on sale at Macys for a HELLUVA deal.....

Anywho my Mom got one first and then I tried this connocation of carrots, oranges and spinach.....it was so full of life and my tongue was doing the "happy dance"

I loved it, so now the lady askes me at the check out counter........WOW thats alot of fruits and veggies...I say YES IT IS, we juice all of them! YOu shoudl try it! About 1 month ago I did a fasting of just veggie and fruit juices for 5 days and I lost 10 pds! Currently Im doing 2 meals of juice and one meal of actual food ( vegetarian food!)

It has been a wonderful thing for me, and made me realize HOW TASTY real food can be! SO throw away the ding dongs and pop tarts and give juicing a try....you will be pleasantly surprised!