Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to make your own Laundry Soap ( my new fave thing!)

1 Box of Borax

1 Box of Arm and Hammer's Washing Soda

1 Bar of Fels-Naptha soap ( buy more they are CHEAP 98 cents)

1 5 gallon bucket

and VIOLA your ready!

Fill your bucket up with 3 gallons of water,

1/2 cup of Borax
1 cup of A&H Washing Soda
1 whole bar of Fels Naptha (grated on a cheese grater)

get a pan and take the water from the 5 gallon bucket fill the pan 1/2 full of water

In the 5 gallon bucket pour in the Borax and A&H Washing Soda MIX WELL

Take the Fel Naptha (grated and put it in the pan of water and put on the stove over a med/low heat and let it melt completely. When melted pour this mixture in the 5 gallon bucket and MIX WELL! Put the lid on and let sit overnight. When you check it out in the morning it will look like goup........its OK....let me tell you this stuff WORKS GREAT, and its cheap and you feel good you made it!

USe a scoop or a 1 cup measurer and use 1 scoop per load.....this 5 gallon bucket lasted me 2 months!