Sunday, May 31, 2009

The girls are getting BIG!

Well my little Barred Rocks are growing and they are so entertaining!
So lets review, the first PIX is when we were babies and alittle progression onward.....

Remember Peep, Peck and Pepper....... they are now 2.5 months old! About 3-3.5 more months before they are laying! But they are gonna have good eggs...they eat bugs all day long and kitchen scraps and grass! They are healthy lil buggers! And they are so funny at night just before they go in their cage for the night they want some attention and they fly up in the garden fence and sqwack at us in the window so we go out and hold them and feed them little snackers......give alittle rub and off they go in their cage!

I LOVE watching them scratch in the dirt and fight over bugs.....this is a BIGGIE if one found a bug they ALL want it! They are entertaining!

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Lizzy said...

Awe, they are so cute! I love fresh eggs, so much more tastier than store-bought. We buy our eggs from one of my managers who raises layers.