Sunday, May 31, 2009

What memories play again and again in your mind???

1.Grandparents scattering of their ashes at Sea and we saw Humpback Whales......I will never forget what an experience that was! And also MILLIONS of Jellyfish. The pictures are TERRIBLE I dont know what happened but I captured it and that is what matters!
My Mom and Uncle Chartered a Boat out off 17th Hole in Pebble Beach ( a special place my Grandparents choose) And while we were having our Service I was looking over the boat and all of the sudden 1000's of Jellyfish were surfacing and I was SHOCKED!
And we scattered the ashes and on the way back to Moss Landing the Captain of the book took us off on an Adventure and took us Whale watching WHAT A TREAT this was!

And sure enough we came upon a pod of whales and we all just sat and watched them, it was AMAZING! And we even got to experience one breach out of the water!

2. The birth of my 2nd child...Emma ( PLEASE dont get me wrong all 3 were amazing, but the first was very difficult and LONG and not as I had wanted and the 3rd was induced and took some time! HE was and is stubborn!
But with Emma I knew I was gonna have my Dr with me this time and I had been naping during waiting to dialate and all of the sudden I woke up and felt something......I called the nurse and she came in and ran back out of the quickly..QUICKLY and in comes my Dr......and says it is time NOW! She is coming, and he laughs and he says to me oh this is gonna be easy her hand is I felt down there and sure shooting it was and he said this will be your easiest birth because you were birth the head and shoulders sideways ........he said push very gently and he says here she comes and her head and whole arm were out and then she just slide out of 9 month home and into my arms! NEVER did I enjoy birth as much as her! And to boot she was my largest 10 pds!

What a beautiful birth and the way every one should go! Easy, simple and beautiful!

What are your favorite memories that keep playing again and again in your mind???

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