Saturday, November 5, 2011

Time to Pause & Reflect: Thanksgiving!

As we enter the Season of should be a time to pause and reflect and BE THANKFUL for the things in our lives! I very much dislike way busy our lives have become and it is sooooooo important to STOP and reflect on what we are Thankful for! I encourage you to reflect daily on things you are thankful for and you will see how wonderful it is to remember these memories!

One thing I love is pulling out decorations for the Holidays and remember who gave them to us or where we bought them! And I love looking in magazines and getting ideas how to display them or get ideas for the kids to make things.......and I have already expressed my LOVE of Pinterest and I got some Thanksgiving ideas to inspire us......Make some things with the kids and reflect on the being "Thankful"! Today me and the kids are going to make a Bunting Banner for the Mantel and decorate for Thanksgiving!!!!

Our Pastor last week gave us a new word: SELAH; to pause and reflect.....I LOVE this! I encourage you to PAUSE and REFLECT as we enter into the Seasons of Celebrating!!!!!!

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Lizzy said...

Love this Zizi! I think alot of us need to take a few minutes to pause & reflect, too :)